FAP – Francisco Almeida Pinheiro, was created in 1995 as a sole trader for the development of construction activities, public and private works, based on the knowledge of smaller regions specific needs with a strong development momentum, benefiting local people.

In 2002 it became a company, obtaining the charter permit for public works and constructions, while developing a consistent work regarding the specific conditions of the regional markets.

The company’s 20 years were guided by its respectful behaviour concerning its employees, concerning contracts with customers whether private or public, concerning both greater or smaller suppliers, as well as with financial institutions which have always supported the company.

Public services, especially concerning heritage conservation and daily care needs, has been one of the Company’s targets, with careful and personalized attention.

We know about the difficulties faced by public services in their legal requirements and their budget constraints and therefore we work with extra care and constant dialogue in order to respond in a timely manner to their specific needs.

We can point out some of our services: construction, repair, upkeep and maintenance of buildings both private and public works. Construction, repair and installation of water transmission system and sewage, energy distribution, telecommunications, gas, other fluids and networks. Planting and garden maintenance. Property development and real estate; Road construction and repair, urban streets for vehicles and pedestrians; clearing of roads and forests, agricultural roads; condominium management; rental of construction and demolition equipment, with or without an operator.

We want to grow in a careful manner without losing the quality we have achieved, making sure that each step in our growth is made together with our CLIENT.